Ultra High Performance Silicone Ignition Wire Our spiral core design begins with a strand of Kevlar ; which is wrapped 57 times per inch that is coated in a stainless alloy and covered with conductive polymer latex. This composition greatly exceeds OE specs for RFI and conductivity. The outer jacket is constructed of 2 layers of high tear heat resistant silicone. Each layer is separated by a nylon pull tape for added pull strength and terminal retention. The spark plug boots are also made from high tear silicone and the terminals are stainless steel. All terminals are connected using the fold over crimping method that will not vibrate loose like other core-crimped brands. Every kit includes a set of numbered wire markers, a set of wire separators and a package of dielectric grease. Made in the USA.

Product Features

  • 8.5mm Ultra Pow’r Wires
  • SB-Chevy Truck 1985-95 5.0L/5.7L
  • 90 degree Male Distributor, 90 degree Plug Terminals

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