Choose from our large selection of Horses, Dolphins, Eagles and MORE! All spare tire covers are made from rugged marine grade vinyl and double stitched with heavy duty upholstery thread. All tire covers come with a one year warranty!! All our spare tire covers are secured by a 90 test pound rope that is sewn in and can be pulled tightly and tied to install the tire cover. Once the tire cover is installed it can be secured by placing a small lock or wire tie through the wheel covers locking grommets.

Product Features

  • Each cover is sustom made to fit your tire size
  • We can make any size tire cover
  • After your purchase Please e-mail us with your Tire size since each cover is custom made to fit your spare tire we need your whole tire size. Your tire size can be found on the side wall of the tire and should look something like this example: 225/75/15. Please be sure to check the size on the spare tire, because sometimes the size on the spare tire is different then the size of the tires mounted on the vehicle.
  • Please note the the numbers 15, 16 ,17… refer to rim size only. I need your complete tire size found on the side wall of the tire. In some cases your tire size might look like 30×10.5/15 or 7.00-15. These sizes are more commonly found on trailers and jeeps with larger tires.

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