The Stainless Steel Jeep Grill Key Chain with Integrated BOTTLE OPENER by Wrenches & Bones

Made for and designed by Jeep enthusiasts, the Wrenches & Bones Grille Key Chain is the perfect gift for Jeep lovers.
Now, with a new, innovative All-In-One design, you can effortlessly open bottles with it too!
Constructed from 304-Grade stainless steel and finely finished to create a subtle shine, it is guaranteed to open your beer bottles for life.
The material also guarantees that your Grill Key Chain will never rust, bend or break, and will maintain its shape and color no matter where the trail takes it.

The specifics:
Integrated bottle opener, so you could enjoy mankind’s favorite things – Beer and Jeeps!
Measures 2-3/4″ long, 1-1/2″ tall and 1/8″ thick, ring diameter – 1-1/4″
Constructed from superior-quality laser-cut 304-grade stainless steel
Awesome gift for yourself and for any Jeep enthusiast
Comes with a metal key ring to hold car keys, house keys and more
Wrenches & Bones logo is finely laser-printed on front of the key chain

Just make sure that when your friends ask about your new awesome keychain, you tell them they shouldn’t get it if they don’t have a Jeep!
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** Please Note: NomadeWorldwide is the only authorized distributor of the Wrenches & Bones brand.
Any other seller that claims to be selling Wrenches & Bones products is simply selling counterfeit items.

Product Features

  • Embody the Spirit of Freedom & Pride with Our Jeep Grill Key Chain & Built-In Bottle Opener
  • Made Out Of 304-Grade Stainless Steel – Guaranteed to Never Rust, Bend or Break
  • Featuring a Solid, Highly Durable Material and a Skillfully Brushed, Stylish Finish
  • Combining Jeep and Beer Makes This Keychain the Perfect Gift for Any Jeep Owner and Enthusiast
  • A Unique Way to Separate Yourself from The Pack And Help Identify Your Gear

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