Product Overview:

●Product quality and longer life, power drive to run properly
●New mold design, width of 0.15 in, color, more waterproof
●More suitable for automotive use, flat round, not easy to fall off
●Special quasi-cold light emitting principle and power consumption is small, so only specific

Instructions for use:

●Cord light must be connected with the driver to use, and it cannot be connected directly to the power supply.
●Cord light can use double-sided tape or glue fixed and then the car.
●Cord light can cut use, cut the part can be discarded, ownership length does not affect the use of the remaining part.
●Tips: Cord light requires the player little headlight alignment.


●180 degree for adjusting
●LED Type: Cord LED Light Strip
●Color: Ice Blue
●Size: Length=78.8 in
●Width =0.15 in
●Voltage: 12V DC
●With 0.3 in Broadside (You need to install the Broadside into the gap of car interior trim panel)
●Direct inserted in cigarette lighter
●Fit all auto with 12V DC

Package includes

●1 x 78.8 in Cord Light Strip
●1 x Power Contactor and Driver

Product Features

  • ▲Superb Material & Safety: High quality PVC Rubber; Flexible, UV & Water Resistant; Can be easily installed interior, glove box lights, under the seat, upgrading your car and increase safety no matter driving in daytime or nighttime.
  • ▲Energy-Saving: Advanced Low power consumption design, stable input power and output luminous flux decline the total input power of the lamp line, better energy saving effect.
  • ▲Stable Light – Emitting: The elimination of the strobe light-emitting more stable, reduce visual fatigue of continuous operation, protect your eyesight.
  • ▲Simple Design: Great ideal decoration for car/auto interior, which can be installed on the car floor, dash, offering you a beautiful, exotic and romantic atmosphere.
  • ▲Satisfaction Guaranteed: No-hassle refund, 30-DAYs, Money-Back Guarantee.

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