Do your passengers complain about the rear seat comfort and/or sitting too upright in your Jeep JK 4 door?  Of course they do, it’s not comfortable at all! Well here is an innovative solution to a common complaint.  Some have even indicated their family / friends are once again willing to ride in the back, in comfort, after installation of this kit! The Innovative JK Products original patent pending kit allows you to gain approximadely 2.5 inches of rear seat recline (measured at headrest). It does not sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference! The spacers install easily underneath the factory seat brackets to “rock the seat back” to a more comfortable position. The ability of the seat to fold up and down still functions as normal. The kit is also compatible with a number of rear cargo area accessories. Kit Contents: (1) 7 High Quality Spacers: Manufactured from an industrial polymer, DELRIN, to provide the best of strength and corrosion resistance; (2) 4 High Quality Certified Class 10.9 Factory Style SEM Bolts: These replace the original OEM bolts for the four taller spacers to maintain full thread engagement. The original OEM bolts have sufficient length to maintain full thread engagement for the three smaller spacers; (3) Easy to follow Color Installation Instructions

Product Features

  • Reclines your rear seat about 2.5 inches.
  • Maximum recline with no modifications.
  • Includes the correct factory OEM style longer bolts – certified Grade 10.9 SEM Bolts.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA

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