Sick of trying to constantly place your phone in a secure place so that it does NOT slide around and NOT make a hole in your pocket? Keep your phone visible and hands free; Upscale Design; Makes a great Gift. The installation is quick and easy. GRYP comes in multiple colours. Why magnets? Because suction cups are illegal in most of the United States and Canada and vent mounts reduce battery life when hot air is blowing (similar to your iPhone overheating when kept in the hot sun). Why magnets? Because grappling with cradles, springs and clamps is a pain and break or wear out. To use GRYP, hover your device near the surface to INSTANTLY lock your device securely in place. Simple and Easy to use, GRYP is also Sturdy and Secure mount that is designed for Industrial and Commercial ruggedness. GRYP is trusted by many driving professionals the world over. The 3M Glue is used to stick the mount to your vehicle or surface and is an International Trusted brand. Buy a Two Pack for your Passenger Seat, tablet device, office, 2nd car, boat, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, truck, or motor home: basically anywhere and everywhere – just use your imagination. Effortless mounting, Compact and Versatile but not bulky or space-consuming. GRYP is ELD Compliant under Department of Transportation & FMCSA mandate. A great tool will always make your life easier. GRYP was engineered with that in mind: easy to install, hands free and one size fits all. Swivel the display on any angle you want; you can rotate or adjust up and down your smart phone or tablet in any way you please and be confident it will stay in place. Because of the superior engineering, all bearings and bushings are reinforced for commercial and industrial strength and use. Lifetime warranty so, YOU ONLY NEED ONE. Patented and Trademarked.

Product Features

  • •INDUSTRIAL GRADE magnetic mount for All Smartphones and Tablets (two recommended); used by truck drivers and other professionals including Uber; Good enough for the professionals, good enough for you; the Department of Motor Vehicle approved ELD mount
  • •SUPERIOR GRIPPING POWER FROM 6 Powerful Neodymium Magnets which support 8.35 KG(18 lbs) – Magnetic Power so strong your device will stay even after bumps, vibrations, and rough terrain
  • •LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS. Buy Now with confidence!
  • •360 DEGREE ROTATION AND FULL TILT WHICH LOCKS THE DEVICE IN PLACE FOR HORIZONTAL AND ANGLED VIEWING; enhanced and strengthened ball and pin joint for both commercial and consumer use;

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