Get quiet stops with the all-new Quiet Slot rotors by Hawk Performance. Quiet Slot rotors are engineered specifically for automotive car and truck enthusiasts looking for high performance braking without the noise, dust and reliability issues commonly seen in heavily slotted, dimpled or cross-drilled aftermarket rotors. Some of the key features of the all-new Quiet Slot rotors are the advanced metallurgy, surface finish, and progressive structural and aerodynamic design. The Quiet Slot rotor program also addresses the needs of the automotive distributor and installer. The unidirectional vane and slot design eliminates the need to stock left hand and right hand rotors. This feature presents an immediate financial impact to distributors that currently inventory directional rotors. Hawk Performance has also taken measures to decrease the impact of automotive products on the environment. All Quiet Slot rotors are finished with a GEOMET coating that protects both the internal and external surfaces from rust and corrosion. GEOMET is a proprietary water-based coating dispersion containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. The zinc and aluminum platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver-gray coating. Applied as a liquid, the coating becomes totally inorganic after curing at 575-600 degree Fahrenheit. (300-315 degree centigrade).

Product Features

  • Quiet stops
  • Environmental friendly GEOMET coating
  • Sold individually
  • Unidirectional slot pattern
  • Unidirectional vane and slot design eliminates the need to stock left hand and right hand rotors

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