GP-Grip PRO grab handles are specifically designed for Jeep Wrangler, fitting both front and backseat with a slightly different installation. Solid metal construction, no more swinging back-and-forth. With the flip-away handle you can enjoy a full window view and never bump your head when getting in/ out. Cushioned handle wraps offer another layer of comfortable grip. Quick-accessible outer pouch for your life-saving emergency tools or more. Use the inner secret pockets for your emergency money, cards or keys or a forgotten surprise for yourself later on. Our unique bandana-shaped handle base and solid-built aluminum metal handle are sophisticated detailed corresponding to the Jeep design elements. They will become one of your highlight pieces on your loved Jeep. With a quick and easy installation, you will soon experience a solid and sturdy grip for all your rides on/ off road, or simply getting in/ out of the Jeep. These handles are built with outdoor-grade materials. Wipe clean occasionally for a long-lasting use. Outside dimensions on the handle is PACKAGE INCLUDED: ONE set of Aluminum Handle + Handle Base w/ Inner Pockets + Outer Pocket + Handle Cushioning Warp Product Dimension: 11″ X 7.5″ * GP-Grip PRO Driver side and passenger side installation are slightly different, see our website FAQ page for 2 instructional videos.

Product Features

  • AERO-GRADE ALUMINUM METAL BUILT HANDLE in Red; Solid never swing back-and-forth
  • FOLDABLE HANDLE to make in/ out of the Jeep easy, enjoy a full window view or check tire placement without bumping your head
  • QUICK ACCESSIBLE OUTER POUCH for emergency handy tools, lights and even sunglasses
  • FITS JL JK 3″ PADDED ROLL BAR, can be installed for all 4 positions, universal for the driver and 3 passengers with slightly different installations

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