Want to refine your ride? Adding a set of TRD performance shocks to your FJ will take the handling to a new level of smooth.
TRD off-road shocks are designed to enhance your FJ Cruiser’s on- and off-road performance. Aggressive TRD-developed valving helps reduce body lean when cornering and during vehicle maneuvers, while mono-tube gas charged shocks ensure efficient heat dissipation-enhancing straight-line control and helping decrease brake “dive” and acceleration “squat.”

Product Features

  • •Off-road shocks feature aggressive TRD-developed valving to help reduce body lean when cornering, as well as to maintain control during vehicle maneuvers-enhancing on- and off-road vehicle performance
  • •50mm shock tube diameter vs. 30mm OE shock tube
  • •Mono-tube gas charged design dissipates heat more efficiently
  • •Enhances straight-line control
  • •Decreases brake “dive” and acceleration “squat”

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