More Car Battery Care

Car battery voltage drops at the engine start moment,the Gekec smart charger run delay output this moment which can avoid the interrupt damage

Extend the life of the car battery

Small changes in perception of the battery voltage,intelligent judgment of engine start,engine stop,over power,low power and other state

Engine-stop smart protection

The delay shut off,loved by the masses of users,can really reduce the consumption of the car bettery.While you can charge your phone by 60 mintues when you stop car waitting somebody

Retardant Design

Shell is made of flame-retardant materials Sabic and Bayer,the internal circuit and connecting aires are also made of flame retardant material.

A variety of security and intimate design

Build-in fuse,event if an accident situation in the charging process,glass fuse to protect the car cigarette lighter and vehicle lines.

Product Features

  • Engine-Start Smart Protection: Displays car battery voltage. Delays power output for 17 seconds to save more power to start the engine.
  • Intelligent Alerts, Low Power Shut-Off: When your car battery is low on power, the charger will display the message “CHG” and then shut off the power. This really reduces the risk of a dead battery.
  • Engine-Stop Smart Protection: If your cigarette lighter continues to provide uninterrupted power after the engine stops, the Gekec smart charger can shut down the power after a 60 minute delay.
  • Far Exceeds Apple MFI Certification Protections: Voltage output is very accurate, between 5.02V – 5.15V, exceeding Apple MFI standards in order to protect the device you are charging.
  • Anti-Glare HD Panel: The high-tech materials and careful design of the anti-glare panel ensures a clear display in the car even when the interior lights are on.

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