Voltage: DC 12V 10A

Wattage: 30W

8 solid LED lights Color: Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, Purple

8 Modes: 4 color changing modes and 4 sound-activated color changing modes

Remote control distance up to 6.5ft

Numbers of LED: 72 (18 x4)

LED type: 5050 SMD

LED Light Length: 12″ (30cm); Width: 0.47″ (1.2cm)

Strip light Cable Length: 57 inch (147cm)

Car Charger Cable Length: 78 inch (200cm)

Material: High quality PVC Rubber


1. Please note the direction when connecting the strip light to the car charger.

2. The remote should point to the box with the receiver.

3. Please remove the battery cover before using the remote.

4.The sensor has to be put on or near the speaker.

5. Packaged with Heat Shrink Tubing to fix the connection between the strip light and black box. It is better to use with the hot wind such as Hair dryer or something to carry out the fix, be careful when using the fire to fix the connection

Product Features

  • Easy to use. Just assemble the strip light first, then peel the back 3M double-sided tape and apply it underneath the headlights or under the bumper. It’s that simple!
  • 72 Ultra-Bright LEDs with 18 Wide Angle LEDs per Tube
  • Remote control enable you to switch the led mode and adjust the brightness as you wish, also sound-activated allows you enjoy the fun with the color changing following your car stereo music rhythm as well as your voice
  • Great product to dress up your car, perfect enhancement not only for upgrading your car but also increase safety of driving in daytime and nighttime
  • One Year Warranty & Free Technical Support

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