6 Gang Marine Grade Switch Panel Circuit Breaker DC LED panel, Material: ABS, Aluminium Plate,Installation: Suitable for, ships, boats, RVs, buses, etc.Input voltage: DC12V / 24V

Rocker Switch:
>Switch with dual LED design,You can quickly find the switch in the evening.
>Upper light is ON when the switch is pressed UP. Lower LED is ON when the switch is pressed Down. Lower LED is independent and can be wired to separate dash light circuit.
>Loop Circuit:ON-OFF
>Maximum power: 240W

Cigarette Lighter Socket:
>LED Light:Blue

Dua USB Charger :
>Dual USB ports:input: DC12V/24V; output:DC 5V 3.1A(1A+2.1)
>Short circuit / overheat protection.
>Waterproof protective caps and USB cover.
>Multifunctional product with blue LED indicator light, Waterproof dustproof material can be used for the interior and exterior application.
>Widely used with electric equipment for power supply: Vehicle,GPS, mobile phone, camera, mp3
>Optimised for iPad, iPhone & iPod – fast charging at full speed (2.1Amps for iPad, 1Amp for iPhone/iPod).
>Apply to all USB charging mobile phones or other electronic products. Run multiple accessories at one time, very convenient and easy to use.
Digital Display Voltmeter
>Help monitor the storage-battery voltage, LED will alarm flash if the voltage is higher than 15V.
>15V Voltage Range, 11.3V-11.9V RED Led indicate the battery should be change, 12.0V-12.5V YELLOW Led indicate normal when the car engine is OFF, 12.6V-15V GREEN Led indicate normal when the engine is ON.
>Voltage Range: 5-15V
Package Content:
> Switch Panel
> Waterproof pad
>4 x Stainless Steel Screw

Product Features

  • ★6 Blue LED illuminated Rocker Switch with Rubber Seals for outdoor and marine task, Short circuit / Overheat protection.
  • ★12V Cigarette Socket & 4.2A Dual USB Power Charger fullfill all kinds of charging needs.
  • ★Suitable for 12V/24V Systems, Panel is pre-wired, Includes 4x Stainless Steel Screw.
  • ★IP67 Waterproof, Rhos and CE Certify, Totally Environment Friendly.
  • ★Product Dimensions: 18cm x 11cm x 6.3cm (7.08in x 4.33in x 2.52in), Portiforium Dimension: 15cm x 8.5cm ( 5.9in x 3.35in).

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