Airide springs can reduce your costs and increase your profits. Last at least twice, and as much as four times longer than steel springs Require little or no maintenance Increase life of tires and brake linings Substantially reduce breakage and maintenance of other vehicle components, including electrical, air conditioning, cab mounts, exhaust, chassis, seals, wiring and drive train Let you haul anything; eliminate expensive deadheading runs Reduce driver discomfort and dangerous fatigue; improve driver safety, productivity and loyalty Allow perfect load equalization between axles; let you run at the maximum legal limit Provide smoother ride for payload, reducing costly insurance claims and the expense of overpackaging Pay you back at trade-in time; trucks and trailers with air suspensions are worth more 100% of all air spring assemblies are pressure tested before they leave Firestones factory. 2 year / 200,000 mile warranty. Firestone is the original designer of composite pistons. Firestone rubber compounds have superior ‘flex’ range through temperatures of -65 F to 135 F. Air Spring Components Inside the World’s No. 1 Air Spring: Airide springs are available in single, double and triple convolution types plus reversible sleeve models for virtually every conceivable heavy-duty vehicle suspension application. 1) Stud – Manufactured as a permanent part of the bead plate assembly for maximum strength and durability. Used to attach the spring to the vehicle’s suspension. 2) Combo Stud – Serves the dual purpose of mounting the spring to the suspension and providing an entrance for air. 3) Blind Nut – Also a permanent part of the bead plate assembly. Provides an alternative mounting system to the stud. 4) Air Fitting – Usually 1/4 N.P.T. Provides an air entrance to the bellows. 5) Bead Plate – Crimped onto the bellows at the factory for a more durable design and maximum 2 Year / 200,000 mile warranty.

Product Features

  • Firestone W01-358-5702
  • W01-358-5702, Firestone Reversible Sleeve Air Spring, Firestone Air Bag 5702
  • 6.50 inches x 6.90 inches
  • 2 Year / 200,000 Mile Warranty
  • Aluminum

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