This item includes:

Full Gasket Set
• Graphite head gasket
• Intake manifold gasket
• Exhaust manifold gasket
• Valve cover gasket
• Viton valve stem seals
• Camshaft seal
• O-rings
• Front crankshaft seal
• Rear main seal
• Water pump gasket
• Other small gaskets
• Gasket silicone sealant

Complete Pistons with Ring Set (Oversize 0.50mm = 0.020″)
• Compression Ratio: 9:1
• Standard Diameter: 92.00mm + 0.50mm
• 1st Group: 1.50mm
• 2nd Group: 1.50mm
• Oil Ring: 4.00mm

Engine Bearing Set (Standard Size)
• Crankshaft Main Bearings – Standard
• Connecting Rod Bearings – Standard
• Thrust Washer

Timing Chain Kit
• 1 Timing Chain (96 links – single row)
• 1 Guide Rail Right (curved – plastic)
• 1 Guide Rail Left (straight – plastic)
• 1 Cam Sprocket (36 teeth)
• 1 Crank Sprocket (18 teeth)
• 1 Tensioner

Timing Chain Cover

Water Pump

Oil Pump

Pin Bushings

Freeze Plugs

Part Numbers:
• FS2000, MB1705, RB1701, TW1705, PS2000-0.50mm, TK2000, WP2000, OP2000, TC2000, FP01, PB2000-S, SL1000

Product Features

  • Fits: 85-95 Toyota 2.4L SOHC 8V 22R 22RE 22REC (see description below)
  • Each Gasket and Gasket Set is Made to be Durable and Long-lasting.
  • Gas Utilizes the latest in design and material technology, ensuring quiet and maintenance-free experience. Premium quality link belt type timing chain for exceptional durability. Precision, cast iron camshaft and crank gear sprockets. Ideal for stock replacement and mild performance applications.
  • Ultra Performance Custom Made Premium Grade Aluminum Silicon Pistons. Gas Nitrited Steel Rings, 50% Longer Life, Reduce Tension with Better Fuel Economy, Reduce Cylinder Wear. Much improved design with more efficient oil passage holes in oil ring groove. Minimizes fractures & cracks. No more gummed up oil. Reduces engine failure.
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Easily lasts 150,000+ miles.

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