GET OUTTA MY CAR!!! This unique novelty item is sure to raise some eyebrows! From James Bond and Wile E Coyote to The Fast & The Furious and Knight Rider the EJECT Button has played a pretty cool role in automotive lore. Now you too can have your own Eject Button! This is a billet aluminum insert that fits in the standard lighter / 12-volt accessory plug in almost ANY modern vehicle! Anodized red with white EJECT lettering, it is sure to catch the eye of any passenger or car show judge/attendee – and what a great conversation starter! …Does it really work?… …Do you really wanna find out?… NOTE: This is NOT a functional button as there are no electrical contacts, and there is no center (it is hollow on the underside) so it will not contact the 12-volt lead at the bottom/center of the socket.

Product Features

  • Red EJECT BUTTON!! (non-functional)
  • Fits standard automotive lighter / 12-volt accessory plug
  • For show only – has no electrical contacts
  • CNC machined billet aluminum – Anodized RED

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