Name: Interior Car Trim Line
Material: High-Gloss Resin Super Sticky Adhesive 3M
Style: Red / Blue / Orange
Weight: 43g
Features: This Section is Used to Personalize the Car Inside and Outside Decoration, Decoration is Ideal. Personalized Color Enduring, Paste, Solid and Reliable Face and Will Not Damage the Paint, Can be Attached to Any Location Outside the Body.
High-Gloss Resin Production for the Car Exterior Personality Decoration Decorative Ideal. Enduring Personality Pattern Color, Paste, Solid and Reliable Face and Will not Damage the Paint Can be Attached to Any Location Outside the Body
The First Step: The First with a Damp Cloth to Wipe Clean Part You Want to Paste. If Your Car Recently Waxed (Wax or Table Board Wax) Please Wax Clear Before Pasting.
Step Two: Paste the Time, Tore Off After the Adhesive Strip. Electricity Blow Gun (or Hair dryer) Tto the Heated face of A File Back and forth Blowing Plastic Surface Under. This Can Play Glue Maximum Viscosity. And Let More Curved Line In the Corner. If Gum Up Found No Very Strong. Available Specifically For Jushi Foam Detergent Used to Clean The Surface Before Stickers Need to Use Decorative Threads. Glue Fastness is Not Need to Worry About. Table You Ease of Use (This Needs Careful Decorative Lines Stickers. Please Keep in Mind

Product Features

  • A Variety Of Colors – Enduring Character Color, Embedded Mounted in Your Car, And Will Not Cause Damage To The Car Surface, Super Flexible, Makes this Easy to Install Around Those Tight Corners and Hard to Reach Places.
  • Solid Back Simple Installation,Great For Both Interior & Exterior Decorating of Your Car , Universal Fit All Auto Cars
  • High Quality Materials, The Use of Environmental Protection, For the Production of PVC Soft Plastic Paste Performance Effect is Good, Safe, Easy and Convenient to use and Super Elasticity, Makes this Easy to Install Over the Sharp and Hard to Reach Places.
  • Unique Function – Flexible Shape to Decorate Your Car, Metal Reflective Radiation Processing, Soft Material, Shock Absorption To Sound
  • Beautify The Appearance, Can Prevent The Ash Layer Into The Gap Is Difficult To Clean Up The Cause Not Beautiful, Is Suitable Decoration To The Intake Grille, Tail Lamp Decoration, Headlamps Decoration, Window, Columns And Cover, Wheel Cover Decoration Article, Rearview Mirror Cover Trim Bumper And Fender Adornment, Side Air Vents, Trimming The Lip Around The Pipeline

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