After eight months of trials it’s finally here. Introducing The Ugly Fix® for Cummins engines. Just like its brother The Ugly Fix® for Detroit Diesel engines, it’s built with the highest of standards and meet worldwide RoHS Compliances. Like its brother it is built in the United States. And comes with the same warrantees as it brother. Life time. Our module will keep the EGR closed at all times so you will achieve the maximum performance out of your Cummins engine.

Product Features

  • We help save the life of your engine
  • For all C-ISX,ISC,ISL,ISM engines 2002 through 2010. Truck Fit year 2003 through 2011.
  • You should save $135.00 to $150.00 per tank for the mileage increase. Up to 300 extra miles per tank. (Based on highway miles.)
  • This Item will fit ISL ISM ISC engins also..
  • Rated #1 by and independent study.

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