Passenger and driver side repair pieces for Jeep Wrangler years 1997-2003.  
These will fix the areas in front of the rear passenger and driver side axles where rot typically occurs.
On your original frame there is a factory drilled access hole, which allows debris and water to enter and creat rust over time.
Our design includes a drain hole to prevent this from happening again.
Pieces includes both upper and lower control arm mounts.    
Also includes upper control arm bolt.
Constructed of 10 gauge hot rolled high carbon steel which is thicker than your existing frame.
Measures approximately 22″ end to end.
These are weld on pieces.
Moderate welding skills required.
You will need to remove the bottom 2/3 of the frame rail, grind smooth, slide the piece over the remaining upper 1/3, then weld. 
This item will be delivered bare steel and deburred.

Product Features

  • Always in Stock
  • Avoid a Costly Frame Swap
  • Shipped within 24 Hours
  • Get your Jeep back on the road in less than a day
  • Made from high strength 10 gague steel. Thicker than your existing frame.

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