Up until now installing an Aftermarket Double Din Radio into the 2005-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee meant having to buy the factory navigation bezel ( $175 ), an aftermarket radio install dash kit ( $12 ), wiring harness and a antenna adapter ($6). However our new kit allows you to replace your Factory Radio with an aftermarket Double Din radio at a reasonable price with a cleaner look. We have taken the extra steps out for buying multiple parts and lowered the price plus you will get a better looking installed with our kit. This wire harness is compatible with standard wiring only. Will not work on models with Factory Infinity Systems, Boston Acoustic Systems or CAN Bus Radios (models REF, REC, RAQ or RAK; The radio’s name can be found on the face of the radio). Installation Directions- Tools needed for install – Philips screw driver, Dremel (rotary tool) and a Soldering Iron. You can buy a Soldering gun at Harbor freight for as low as $3.99 and a Dremel (rotary tool) knock off for $10.79 or just look on Amazon. Step 1: Gently pull on the factory bezel, it is only held on by a few plastic tabs up top and there are 2 clips on each side of the AC vents (totaling 4) and 1 clip at the bottom.. Step 2: You will see 4 Philips screws holding the factory radio in place, remove the screws and the radio will be lose and ready to come out.. Keep the screw for installation of new double din radio.. Step 3: Next unplug all the wire harness and antenna cable leading into the factory radio. You will now have the empty hole ready for new double din radio and your newly purchased dash kit (DO NOT DISCARD THE FACTORY BEZEL AS YOU WILL NEED THE AC VENTS TO PUT ON THE NEW BEZEL) Step 4: The removal of the AC vents from the factory bezel.

Product Features

  • Converts your Factory Jeep Grand Cherokee Radio Dash to hold Standard Double Din
  • Made to match factory GREY Color
  • Installation Brackets Included, as well as Wire Harness, and Antenna Adapter

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