Short Ram Intakes (SRIs) or similar Warm Air Intakes (WAIs) offer benefits over Cold Air Intakes (CAIs) which include better MPG due to a more complete burning of fuel. Users with forced induction engines often opt for short ram intakes because compressors adjacent to the engine, especially turbochargers, heat the incoming air and negate much of the benefits of a cold air intake. Moreover, SRIs are the intakes, which give bettter throttle response since it gets the engine the air quicker. This Air Intake Systems provide the best of both worlds in heat protection and improved breathability. Every kit includes an air filter that requires no oil, therefore no chance in contaminating the mass air flow sensor which can result in loss of power and higher fuel consumption.

Product Features

  • Helps engine to draw in more and colder air resulting in better throttle response and higher explosive horsepower output.
  • Performance: improves up to 95% filtration efficiency
  • Lightweight high air flow racing performance spec. design
  • Micro cotton gauze type filter material, washable with water or soup, and reusable
  • Increases 5-10 HPs horsepower, 6-8% power of torque, and improve the gas mileage

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