Detail BuddyTM is a line of detailing products for professional detailers, designed by professional detailers.

We have been searching for the perfect detailing brush for years and we believe we have found it!

These brushes are great for everything from wheel cleaning to getting into those tight nooks and crannies around your vehicle. Our brushes have no metal parts to ensure the safest cleaning experience and avoid marring delicate finishes and intricate wheels designs. No one likes driving a dirty car, but cleaning your car can be fun if you have the right tools!

Brush Diameter: Small 1″ (2.5cm), Medium 1.5″ (3.8cm), Large 2″ (5cm)

Product Features

  • SOLVENT RESISTANT BRISTLES – Stands up to the toughest wheel cleaners and are perfect for iron removing decontamination sprays such as Sonax or CarPro Iron X.
  • GENTLE – Great for using on soft Nappa leather seats or trim such as exterior emblems. Will not scratch if used with a high quality wheel cleaner or car wash soap.
  • 2″ LONG BRISTLES – Great for reaching into deep lug nuts and tight spaces. No metal parts makes it the safest brush for your vehicle. 3 different brush sizes – 1″, 1.5″, 2″ in diameter.
  • VERSATILE – Great for everything from brushing crumbs out of your seat crevices to dusting air vents. These brushes are also great around the house for cleaning narrow spaces.

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