By purchasing Cup Holder Heros® you’ll add a cool splash of color to your interior and make cleaning your new Tesla a breeze! If you spill or get crumbs in any compartment simply remove the liner and wash them in the sink!

This is one kit of 7 custom fit mats for your new car! All Tesla Model 3’s with Premium Interior

Install Instructions: Eco friendly digital installation location map can be found on the product page and on a small sticker on the product packaging. Please make sure you follow them carefully! If you have any issues with your purchase please contact us.

Product Features

  • Five color options allow you to easily add a cool splash of color to your new Model 3, while a double raised edge design provides umatched protection from: minor spills, melted candy, and scratches. To install simply drop the custom fit mat in the corresponding pocket.
  • Custom fit kit is like miniature custom fit rubber “floor mats” for your cup holders and center console areas. They provide protection from minor spills, crumbs, scratches, and rattling coins.
  • They fit all North American Tesla Model 3’s with Premium Interior option. NOTE THIS PURCHASE DOES NOT INCLUDE A CUP HOLDER VINYL WRAP IT IS ONLY INCLUDES WHAT IS SHOWN IN PHOTO #5
  • Patent pending design is simple to install, easy to clean, and provides a soft surface to prevent items from rattling in your cars compartments.
  • Includes a hassle free lifetime warranty so that you will be protected for the lifetime of your Tesla. If you have any issues or are not 100% satisfied please contact us.

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