Item Condition:
100% Brand New In Factory Original Package. Not refurbished or re-manufactured parts.

Item Included:
1.High Performance Fuel Pump
2.Fuel Strainer nylon material
3.Stainless Steel Clampls 2 Pieces
5.Rubber Hose
6.Quality Certificate
7.Quick Installation Instructions
No wiring was included, you need use original Wring to install it

Made of High Quality & Durable Material That Meets OE Standard 
(Instead of ordinary brush and cooper commutator, we use carbon commutator and high-grade carbon brush which guarantees the high work pressue and the long lasting life)

Flow Rate:
Flow Rate: 255 LPH
Currents: 12A
Voltage: 12V
Pressure: 3BAR
You can contact us for the general installation guide
We have over 20 years experience on manufacturing the fuel pump. Each product is manufactured in ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 / ISO 9002 certified facilities with exquisite craftsmanship. 100% mechanically tested prior to leaving the factory ensures optimal performance and enhanced durability
We offer a 2 year warranty against manufacture defect.

Product Features

  • Please Use Amazon’s Part Finder Function To Confirm If This Pump Will Fit Your Vehicle Before Purchase!
  • 1pc Aftermarket High Performance Electric Fuel Pump & Necessary Installation Kit
  • The CUSTOM 255LPH fuel pump achieves optimum fuel flow and is capable of supporting applications of up to around 500-600 hp, which is an excellent replacement for high performance cars or sport/racing usage.
  • Installation notes: The fuel pump comes with universal hardware to fit various vehicles.It may has minor difference in size from your original fuel pump but will work.Some models also require you to change the wiring ,strainer and other parts to complete installation. Professional installation is highly recommended!
  • Made of High Quality & Durable Material That Meets OE Standard, We Use Carbon Commutator and High-grade Carbon Brush Which Guarantees The High Work Pressue and The Long Lasting Life

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