Crane Cams 260 H10 Camshaft and Lifter Kit for Ford V8 Engine is economically priced. They are designed with single pattern profiles and tighter lobe separation to produce additional torque and throttle response for non-computer street vehicles. This series provides broad coverage for several different engine selections. It provides a wide RPM power range for any street enthusiast. There are Energizer cams suitable for the low RPM, high torque needs of a towing vehicle. While others are more suitable for daily drive with an eye on economy, and more radical camshaft selections, right up to a weekend warrior with a street and strip machine. Some selections would even work great for oval track racing. These popular Energizer cams are made available in either a “cam and lifter kit” or as “cam only”. Both are priced to be the best buy in a true performance camshaft. The rough idle option: certain Energizer grinds incorporate very tight lobe separation angles of 106–108 degrees. This feature has two purposes. The first, to concentrate the torque range and maximize bottom end power. Secondly, to produce rough engine idle characteristics. This feature brings the power band on early and builds quickly to help launch a drag car off the starting line or to get an oval track car out of the turn. It will also light up the tires at the drive-in. The tighter lobe separation changes the valve timing events, increasing the overlap period, producing a rougher engine idle.

Product Features

  • 1600-2200 cruise RPM
  • 8.0-9.5 compression ratio
  • Smooth idle

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