Thank you for reading Clamp Champion’s Description. Are you looking for a quality holder or stand that can give you a hands free experience? When watching a movie or surfing the internet why not do it without having to hold your device for prolong time With Clamp Champion we bring to you an incredible holder that does all these things for you so you can enjoy your smart phone or tablet hands free CLAMP CHAMPION is a versatile mobile and tablet mount and you will certainly fall in love with it for the many benefits that it offers: ✔ Supports all phones (iPhones and other smartphones), iPads and tablets – from 2 to 12 inches
✔ Many Mounting Positions – a single mount for kitchen, car, bedroom, office, travel, home, school and more ✔ Mounts in the car, on Glove Box, Headrest, Visor & with Leg mount feature
✔ Mounts on the Couch, Recliner Armrest and Backrest
✔ Mounts on kitchen cabinets , drawers or use it as a stand, on the counter top or kitchen table ✔ Mounts on airplane magazine rack or on the bus or train seats
✔ Mounts on your thighs or a Pillow
✔ Mounts on School and Office Desks or in the stand alone easel position> ✔ Can Hold even Hard back books
✔ offers a smooth, hands free experience anywhere, anytime
✔ Firm grip keeps your mobiles and tablets safe and secure
✔ Comfortable Viewing Angles – Strong Safe Grip rotates 360º with 160º swivel
✔ Eliminates the need to buy multiple holders for holding different sizes and to suit different places
✔ Sturdy and Durable Build
✔ Lightweight and Portable


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Buy one with confidence; no questions asked. The product comes with 100% Lifetime Manufacturing Guarantee.

So, why think twice? order yours today. Thank you

Product Features

  • Fits Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, All iPad Air Models and Pro, All Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Nook, Acer, ASUS FROM CAR to COUCH to KITCHEN to SCHOOL -Its 10:1 Design does the work of Ten Holders. Strong Safe Grip rotates 360º with 160º swivel. Holds Big and Small Tablets & Smart Phones. Firmly Grips all size iPads, iPhone and all size Tablets and Smart Phones from 2 inches to 12 inches. Its Strong Grip keeps your Device Secure.
  • MOUNTS IN CAR Glove Box, Headrest, Visor & with Leg mount feature. It comes with a quick release so you can use the upper clamp separately in Stand Alone position or mount under headrest or on visor or hold it in your hand.
  • MOUNTS ON COUCH and recliner arm rest and back rest. Holds all Tablets and phones with cases. No need to take your case off. It also mounts on Airplane magazine rack, on the Train, Bus Seats.
  • MOUNTS IN KITCHEN on Cabinets, Drawers or in in Stand alone position. You can adjust the angle by sliding it up and down. Use in Bedroom by mounting it to a pillow.
  • IN SCHOOL AND OFFICE It holds hard back books. It can be used on a School Desk, in “Stand Alone” position. Why buy many holders when Clamp Champion works virtually every where. Thank you for your purchase. You can decorate and customize the Clamp surface with stickers. Plus % of your purchase helps charity.Designed & PATENTED in USA. Sold by USA Manufacturer helping produce jobs.

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