Tired of your groceries and other items sliding and rolling around your truck bed? Try CargoGate…. CargoGate is easy to install and use! The CargoGate is perfect for your truck when you want to use only part of the bed. CargoGate’s construction consists of stainless steel cross-bars and tough injection molded end caps. CargoGate will prevent smaller items from shifting, rolling and sliding around the bed of your truck while you drive. CargoGate is 10″ high and can be adjusted from 58.75″ to 70″ in width. Installation is as simple as 1,2 & 3…. (1) Mount the 2 brackets to the inside walls of your truck bed with the self-tapping screws or use the provided 3M Dual Lock fastener strips (2) Adjust the width of the CargoGate so that the gate fits snugly between the brackets. (3) Slide the CargoGate into the brackets and “STOP THE SLIDE!” CargoGate does not use a friction mounting system, so it doesn’t shake or vibrate loose like other load dividers. CargoGate’s unique mounting system uses 2 powder-coated brackets that are completely removable. CargoGate will not slip or loosen during use.

Product Features

  • CargoGate is 10″ high and can be adjusted from 58.75″ to 70″ in width
  • CargoGate is built to last with stainless steel cross bars, durable injection molded ends and powder-coated steel brackets
  • CargoGate works with most tonneau covers
  • CargoGate can easily be removed if needed, the gate itself simply slides into premounted brackets
  • Note: Ask about the optional magnet kit that is safe to use on trucks with no bed liners or with spray in liners!

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