Introducing the Best Windshield Sunshade that cools your car and blocks over 99% of harmful UV Rays!

Planning on going on a trip with your family?

Want to keep your kids cool and avoid heatstroke due to the very high temperatures?


There’s nothing worse than stepping into your vehicle on a scorching day. The burning seat, the hot steering wheel, and the lack of oxygen…it’s all there. The inside of your vehicle is like a furnace and not only is it miserable to you, but the sun rays can do major damage to your car interior that can’t be reversed!

Using the Veenev’s Sunshade in your car means you never have to climb into a sweltering hot car or burn your hands on your steering wheel ever again! The Veenev sunshade covers even the largest windshields, its flexible frame adjusts to fit in almost any car (Jeep Wranglers are the exception).Its reflective material protects your car even in the hottest environments.


•Compact folding design allow for easy storage in glove compartment or door pocket.
•Easily pops open, installs in seconds, safe, and convenient to use!
•Made from high quality nylon polyester material – thicker than most similar sunshades out there!
•Prevents the inside of your car from over-heating
•Keeps your car interior cooler, even if it sits in the sun for hours.

Protect yourself, your kids and your pets!

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Product Features

  • Built to last – Made from high quality metallic polyester material which reflects the sun’s heat – stylish pouch for quick and flat storage!
  • No more heat flaring you in face when opening the car door! Avoid hot and untouchable steering wheel!
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays -Our sunshade keeps your vehicle interior as good as new & keeps the value from declining.
  • Large Flexible Frame Easily Adjusts to Fit most cars / minivans / SUV – Fabrics Edges Measurement: 62.99″ x 33.86″
  • Makes a great car gift! Buy with confidence! 30 day money back guarantee! Bonus phone mat included! Click on ADD TO CART now and prove it yourself!

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