EletecPro Car Vacuum Cleaner
This 2018 new handheld vacuum cleaner with whirlwind techology and high speed
turning head,to the most tent,can protect the filter get rid of
sticking dust to make the vacuum keep 90W strong suction.Dry and wet
application can quickly absorb the spilled liquid inside the car

Product Specification:
Model: car vacuum cleaner
Material: ABS
Input current: 6A
Input voltage: DC-12v
Power: 90W
Power cord length: 4M
Degree of vacuum: 4000Pa
Decibel: ≤ 70DB
Product Size: 32 * 9.7 * 11.4CM

1. When the vacuum cleaner is not working, please check if the plug has good contact and the safety wire is well connected.
2. 12V DC only, no other power supply is allowed.
3. Please do not use the vacuum cleaner for more than 30 minutes, or else it is likely to burn out the motor.
4. Please clean the dust collector regularly for a longer life span an better user experience of the machine.
5. The dust collector is cleanable and for reuse.
6.Please do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb cement, gypsum powder, wall powder and other tiny particles, otherwise it will cause the vacuum cleaner filter plugged, motor burnout and other problems.
Package Includes:
1 x Car vacuum cleaner
1 x Brush Attachment
1 x Connector Attachment
1 x Soft Long Tube
1 x Long Mouth
1 x Turning Head
1 x Operation Manual

Product Features

  • 360° CYCLONIC SYSTEM DESIGN -The EletecPro 90W CAR VACUUM CLEANER With 360 degree whirlwind design,the dust would not leave dust on filter of car dust collector,rather than the old one,it’s still clean 3 days later after used.keeps the interior of your car, SUV, minivan or truck spotlessly clean.
  • POWERFUL STRONGER SUCTION -EletecPro CAR VACUUM CLEANER,cyclonic powerful suction, lightweight, handheld car vacuum draws power from your 12v car cigarette lighter to effortlessly suck up dry messes, such as dirt, hair, debris, leaves, loose gravel, and small spills. A smart choice for both car cleaning and home cleaning.A must-have for who is particular about his loved car.
  • A NOZZLE FOR EVERY TASK – Three different nozzles (standard, crevice, and brush) plus an extension hose are included to make cleaning your car easier than ever. The hose means you can clean in any awkward corners, the standard nozzle is great for regular cleanings, the crevice nozzle lets you clean under the seats, and the brush nozzle is ideal for cleaning the carpets, upholstery, and around the A/C outlet.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO WASH: The EletecPro high-performance car vacuum fits easily into the hand and is simple to use and clean. The hygienic dirt canister opens with the touch of a button and empties out in seconds. You are suggested discard the contents and give the filter a wash with the brush attachment included after every use to keep it new and last a longer life.
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE:Last but not least, just feel free to contact us if you have any problems with EletecPro’s products, we will try our best to help you within 24 hours. All EletecPro’s products are guaranteed to refund or replace with a completely new one if you are not satisfied with what you buy within a year!

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