Car Vacuum Cleaner,NUWA 120W 12V Mini Portable Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum Cleaner Dust Buster Hand Vacuum with 12.4 FT Power Cord,4000PA above Suction.

Product Features:

1. Color:Blue
2. Voltage:DC 12V
3. Power:120W,Suction:4000PA
4. Size and Weight:13.78×3.54×3.35 inches/17.46oz
5. Fashionable design,slinky,portable and easy to carry
6. Car vacuum is Super power, strong suction, dust effect is remarkable.
7. Hand vacuum is easy to use.
8. Vehicle vacuum cleaner is with attachment such as crevice tool.
9. Car vacuums is 3.8M cord and can reach all corner of car
10.75db low noise design giving comfortable usage

How to use:

1. Insert cigarette lighter plug into the DC 12V cigarette lighter located in the car and switch the car on.
2. Push the switch button forward to absorb trash.
3. Use correspondent suction nozzle accessories according to different occasions.
4. Any locations of the car can be reached with the 12.4ft /3.8m power cord.
5. It is better to keep the suction nozzle face and absorbed face at a parallel level


1. This product is specially using for the car. Don’t use it in other excessive dust environment. In order to avoid affecting the dust absorption effect and service life.
2. When you using it, you must install the filter screen. In order to avoid it damaged when it sucked pollutants into the pump motor.
3. Don’t take the former shell down when products is working. In order to avoid the accident happen.
4. Don’t put the product below the air-condition directly, in case of the condensate into the product. In order to avoid the product damaged.
Package include:
1 *120W Car vacuum cleaner
1 * Brush
1 *EVA Soft Tube
1 *Hard Crevice
2 * Hose connectors
1 *User manual

Product Features

  • Longer Electronic Cord and Stronger Suction : Equiped with 3.8 meters (12.4ft) power cord ,it makes you can clean anywhere in your car and 4000PA suction,Cyclonic action from Lithium Technology keeps the filter clean and suction power constant. A high performance motor provides superior suction capability in a compact size and will adsorb all kinds of dusty
  • Clean Up Your Lovely Car : It can clean the dust, pet hair,wool fabric,dirt,cigarette ash,leaves,crumbs and other small things in the car and its extended mouth can clean all corners of your car, With brush which can thoroughly clean your car, a special tool is soft crevice which is used to clean the surface of leather,will not damage the leather
  • Suck Wet/Dry Four Mouth Included : the short brush mouth is to vacuum the hair and wool fabric, the barge mouth to vacuum the surface dust, The soft long tube and the straight long mouth is to vacuum the deep garbage. The One-step empty means hands never touch the dirt, Fingertip on/off control
  • Easy to Use : Just insert the cigarette lighter plug into any DC 12V cigarette lighter sockets and control the switch, then it will work. Besides, the fuse is installed within the lighter plug for safety
  • Washable and Reusable : The high-quality HEPA filter is removable, washable and reusable. Note: After operation, we recommend to wash the filter in time to prolong its life

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