Color: red
Car universal holder can adapt to any electronic gadget model, e.g. mobile phone, portable GPSnavigator system. The width can be regulated within 45 – 115mm that enables to fix an electronic gadget properly. 360 ° support holder’s rotation feature provides super absorption capacity. The gadget could be attached to your windshield and empty your hands for safer driving. Convenient, reliable and easy in use. High quality provided.
The portable charger would be a great compliment for the represented product as it is also very useful for those who want to charge their phone in the car. Modern, high speed USB car charger is up to 4 times faster than standard chargers. The device can charge up to 80% just in 30 minutes. The device is adapted for several different electronic gadgets such as IPhone, iPad, Samsung and others.Multiprotect safety system provides a complete protection for your electronic devices. Two USB interface output allows charging two devices at the same time. The car charger connects to the cigarette lighter pull.
Compatible with: PDA, Mp4, MP3, Mobile Phone.
The Material: High-quality plastic with soft surface.

Product Features

  • Width regulation: MIN 115mm, MAX 45mm
  • Rotation 360 °. The mount can be easily adjusted to any angle for your viewing pleasure.
  • 3-inch photo support and Easy to install. The high quality of the product.
  • The perfect complement: a portable charger. Size: 6.1×3.2 mm. Weight: 31g.
  • Material: ABS + PC fire material + PCBA. Input voltage: 12-24V. Output: 5V/240mA, 2USB shunt.

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