Enjoy Your Colorful Life, Just Start From Wsiiroon car led reading atmosphere decorative lights.
Clean & stylish LED lights, enhanced the outline, make your car stands out in the crowd.
Wireless Remote Control
8 Colors to Choose
Color Can change With Music and Voice

8 Monochrome Modes:
JUMP3: 3 colors jump changing
JUMP7: 7 colors jump changing
FADE3: 3 colors gradual changing
FADE7: 7 colors gradual changing
Brightness +/-: When in static mode(default): to adjust the brightness´╝ł16 grades). When in jump3, jump7, fade7 mode: to adjust the light flashing rate(8 grades).
20key infrared music led controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it is used for controlling a variety of led lamp, while you could adjust brightness, static colors and color changing effects via infrared remote control.
When in sound-control mode, the colors will change with the music rhythm.

Input voltage; DC12v
Output: 2 circuit
Connecting mode: Common anode
Maximum current:4A
Output current:2A
Net weight:35g
Gross weight:64g
power: <2.4W
Included: 2*T10 connector, 2*Double tip connector, 2*12 led bulbs, 1 remote control, a manual

Easy to Use
1. Remove the lampshade with a hard piece or a screwdriver from the
2. Remove the original car light bulb, pay attention to the light bulb hot.
3 According to the original car bulb model, install the corresponding connector, butt led bulbs.
4.Open the switch, led lights will be on. (when you install the double tip connector, if it’s not on, you can turn another direction to connect)
Use and Precautions:
1.Connect the load lines and power lines, make sure all the connection correct before power switched on.
2.Ensure there is no obstacle between the IR controller and the receiver when operating.

Product Features

  • MULTI COLOR & MUSIC CONTROL – Wsiiroon multicolor car led reading light has 8 colors, 4 kinds of music control mode. With the remote, you can choose the brightness, speed and sensitivity to your preference. When in music control mode, the light will change colors following the music rhythm, let you feel like sitting in a music show scene, very suitable for dating, camping, and the families with children. With it, your car will become the most special one.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Wsiiroon car led reading light has 12 highlight 5050 light beads, brighter than the original halogen lamp, and can work for up to 50000-100000 hours. Energy Saving, beautiful, no glare, no dazzling, durable, 180┬░ wide-angle exposure, farther range, not only dressing up your car, but also upgrading your car’s safety, make you feel more secure while driving at night.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Original bit interface design, plug and play, no need to change lines, nondestructive installation, convenient and quick. Open the lampshade, remove the original bulb and install the reading lamp. Everyone can do it! Each light is equipped with a T10 and a double-pointed plug, so don’t worry about the incompatible interfaces. Note: Suitable for all DC12V cars which have the square lamp holder, not suitable for round lamp holder
  • WIDELY USE – Wsiiroon car led reading light will make you car be the most special one from others. With the multicoloured car led reading light, it will be more romantic when dating, more cheerful when camping with friends or family. When you use the Wsiiroon car led reading lights and the Wsiiroon car LED strip lights at the same time, your car will be more dreamy, more beautiful and more special. Highly recommended.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Wsiiroon car led reading light comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please feel free to contact us for any pre-sale or after-sale services. NOTE: All our products are only sold in “Wsiiroon Official” store, and Fulfilled by Amazon. It is kindly warned that any products from other stores are not genuine for which we will take no responsibility if there is any quality problem.

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