The B&M StarShifter automatic shifter gives the driver a choice. Left in “Drive”, the vehicle is allowed to shift like a normal automatic, but the driver can also choose to take control and get results similar to a manual. By being able to shift quickly through the gears, the driver can maximize the engine’s torque curve, and improve the driving experience. In the normal mode, the StarShifter is a straight line detent shifter, but when the lever is in Low you can lift the trigger all the way and pull the stick back to convert to ratchet action to move through the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. It’s cable operated for easy installation and precise shifting, and it is sized 12.22″ long, 12.12″ high, and 2.90″ wide. The universal installation style is useful for applications where the vehicle does not have a factory provided console.

Product Features

  • Take control of your automatic transmission and shift it yourself to maximize torque and performance, or put it in drive for normal automatic operation
  • Versatile shifter mechanism can be used as a straight line detent shifter, or lift the trigger in “Low” to convert to ratchet action
  • Features backup light switch, neutral safety switch, and NHRA/IHRA reverse lockout
  • Includes T-Handle and 5′ long shifter cable
  • Automatic shifters (except cables) are backed by the manufacturer with a limited lifetime warranty

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