This B&M performance shifter cable is designed to work with most B&M shifters (except race shifters). The .250″ O.D. ‘long lay’ outer jacket protects the enclosed cable to help ensure reliability. The cable is five feet long, and it has been properly clearanced to reduce backlash. Both ends are threaded (as opposed to one threaded and one with an eyelet), which has been the style for B&M shifters built from 1981 to present.

Product Features

  • 5 foot long performance shifter cable can be used in most B&M shifters built from 1981 to present
  • Properly clearanced to reduce backlash
  • Blue ‘long lay’ outer jacket is sized .25″ O.D.
  • Features one threaded end and one end with an eyelet
  • Backed by the manufacturer with a 1 year limited warranty

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