The B&M Shift Improver Kit can help increase the performance and durability of your stock automatic transmission. By eliminating many restrictive oil flow controls in the transmission’s valve body, it allows the transmission to shift more firmly and reduce slippage and shift overlap, providing crisper shifts and reducing wear. Each kit gives you two modes of performance to select from — RV/heavy duty or street/strip. The heavy duty option provides positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance, and is designed for regular passenger vehicles. The street/strip option provides positive shifts for high performance street use or for competitive events, and is designed for the enthusiast who wants the hardest, quickest possible shift.

Product Features

  • Recalibrates your automatic transmission for crisp shifts, optimum performance, and extended life
  • Eliminates shift overlap and excess wear on clutches and bands due to slippage
  • Two kits in one box — select Stage 1 for RV/heavy duty applications, or Stage 2 for street/strip applications
  • Installs easily with hand tools
  • Backed by the manufacturer with a 1 year limited warranty

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