The various surfaces found on Jeep vehicles are unique and special. It’s best to use care products specifically formulated for that fabric. Bestop cleaner and protectant products do not contain petroleum products, agressive solvents or other harsh chemicals that can damage or fade soft top fabric over time. This also works very well on fender flares, seats, and interior surfaces. Bestop Vinyl Window Cleaner is a gentle solution that can reduce minor scratches or spots in your vinyl windows. Plus it leaves no residue and is biodegradable.

Product Features

  • Fabric/Vinyl/Window Care Kit has everything you need for proper maintenance of your soft top and accessories
  • Contains one bottle each of Bestop Cleaner, Vinyl Protectant and Window Cleaner
  • Biodegradeable “green” formula to helps keep our environment clean
  • Package box is great for storing bottles when not in use
  • Every Jeep owner needs a care kit for the soft top and accessories

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