This universal car cell phone holder allows unrestricted access and operation to most cell phones while you’re driving. See images above. It features 3 options for mounting: On your dashboard, in the car air vent, on the windshield or any window glass surface. It features an extendable cradle so it can accommodate even the largest cell phones. You can easily charge your phone while you’re listening to your music or operate any of it’s other features safely while driving hands-free. Comes in 3 colors. Order yours today!

Product Features

  • Universal car phone holder designed to accommodate all popular brands including iPhone 6, Samsung & LG – Large or small it fits them all
  • Car cell phone holder offers convenient 3-way mounting: In car air vent, on dash or window glass so you can position it based on comfort and the design of your car
  • Unrestricted access to all buttons & charge port – Operate any cell phone confidently and safely while driving without having to fiddle with a poorly designed cell phone holder
  • Car mount rotates 360 degrees to clearly capture voices from any angle in your vehicle for optimal communication – No more strained conversations due to poor placement
  • Extendable cradle car cell holder comes with complimentary EBook, ‘Getting The Best Out Of Your Super 3 In 1 Car Phone Holder

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