Function description:cup mat back button press 3 seconds flash open put
it inside the cup holder.
The product in the dark place without vibration after 15 seconds
automatically put out continued weak vibration light continued.
Power consumption instructions:the use of lithium batteries and usb
head charge ,the battery is full of 2 hours,can be put in the car for
about 15 days.
Package include:
2 x Car LED Cup Pad,1 usb cable charge

Product Features

  • Led cup coaster with usb cable charge,there is a button on the back of the smart glass pad,through press 2 seconds start the lights or turn off the lights,change color and mode
  • Steady on,combination,RGB multicolor cup pad with 7colors(white,blue,red,green,yellow,pink,ice bule) for you to choose
  • The product contains a vibration-sensitive device. When the car is shut off and the driver leaves, the light will stay on for 20 seconds and then enter the standby mode.
  • Waterproof, easy to install, no tools and wiring needed.Fit for any vehicles that come with the position of the CAR CUP HOLDER
  • The product is charging by a USB cable. The charging port is placed on the edge of the product. Its interface is Micro USB, the same as ordinary Android phones’ interface. The cable will be provided as the accessory.

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