BBK Adjustable Clutch Cable for Ford Mustang features the BBK Ford Mustang GT and Cobra heavy-duty adjustable clutch cables. They are designed as direct replacements for all BBK, stock and other aftermarket kits. For even more adjustability, a BBK billet aluminum firewall adjuster should give easy fine adjustments to the BBK clutch cable.

Product Features

  • BBK is your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand in the USA – American Designed and Built
  • Teflon Lined Heavy Duty Outer Casing with Fully Wound Steel Inner Clutch Cable
  • Fully Adjustable Cable End With Locking Nut to Stop Unwanted Cable Adjustment
  • Recommended as a Replacement Cable for BBK and Other Aftermarket Kits Using Aftermarket Quadrants
  • Allows Accurate and Complete Adjustment of the Clutch Pedal for Accurate and Positive Engagement of the Clutch without any Sticky Shifts and Hard to Get Reverse Gear

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