BBK Polyurethane Rear Coil Spring Isolator for Ford Mustang is required when lowering 1979-2004 Ford Mustang models. It is important to also install a set of BBK offset steering rack bushings to eliminate bump-steer. A low profile pinion snubber bushing is also needed to ensure proper axle travel with lowering. BBK’s Gripp series polyurethane also ensures that they will greatly outlast the facility rubber pieces. As many enthusiasts will also find worn out spring isolators, sway bar and strut mounts when installing the new lowering springs BBK also offers high quality polyurethane versions, as well as new heavy duty end link kits.

Product Features

  • BBK is your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand in the USA – American Designed and Built
  • Replace your Old, Dried, Cracked and Maybe Non Existant Factory Spring isolators with These New BBK isolators
  • Recommended to Replace When Installing New Lowering Springs
  • Manufactured From High Quality Graphite Impregnated Durable Polyurethane to Eliminate Noise
  • Sold in Pairs – Rear

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