BBK Polished Aluminum Caster/Camber Kit for Ford Mustang GT-V6 features the use of caster camber plates. These high quality BBK CNC polished billet aluminum Mustang caster camber plates are available to fit all 1979-1993 and 1994-2004 Ford Mustangs. These BBK caster camber plates will allow for the correction of the front end alignment to prevent premature tire wear. Most important of all they will allow for the adjustment of the caster and camber of the front struts to considerably improve the way the car will turn into corners flatter. It will considerably be more responsive to steering input overall.

Product Features

  • BBK is your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand in the USA – American Designed and Built
  • Allows Full Adjustment of Caster and Camber Settings to Improve Cornering and Steering Imput
  • Recommended to Be Installed When Lowering Your Mustang to Improve Handling
  • CNC Machined Construction with Clear Anodized Finish
  • Can Be Used on all Stock and Lowered Applications, Do Not Use with Coil Over Suspension Set Ups

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