BBK 12 inch O2 Sensor Extension for Dodge features wire harness extenders which are a must when installing full-length headers. The factory connectors allow for the simple installation of O2 sensors due to the fact that the locations are moved on full length headers. The factory OEM connectors and heat protective sleeves make installation a snap. The connectors may require the small directional tabs to be removed on the ends of the connectors to fit some applications.

Product Features

  • BBK is your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand in the USA – American Designed and Built
  • Required when Installing Full Length Long Tube Exhaust Headers and Matching Short Mid Pipes to Allow Easy Connection to Factory O2 Wire Harness Loom
  • O2 Sensors are Usually Relocated on Long Tube or Full Length Headers to Lower Collector Area
  • The Additional Length these Harnesses Provide Allow the O2 Sensors to Simply Plug Back in From the New Location, Designed with OEM Harness Connectors for Simple Installation
  • Trouble Free Installation, Sold in Pairs

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