-LED used high-quality integrated circuit boards,
-High temperature, heat faster and extend lamp life,each weld is neat and full, more stable current.
-Security and stability, cigarette lighter plug built-in fuse, always protect the car circuit!
-Wick is the use of double-sided light-emitting design, import wick, external silicone seal.

LED Type:5050 SMD Chips
Voltage: DC 12V
Direct inserted in cigarette lighter
3Mode:Chasing/flash, Twinkle/flash, Steady On
Length of each light bar: 14.3cm
Cable length: 1.5M
Light Color: Blue,Red,Yellow,Purple pink,White,Ice blue. (You can choose)

Package included:
1 set 4X12 LED Car Atmosphere Light Strips

Product Features

  • One side adhesive tape available for installation
  • Workmanship, extended cable bold,easy to install, durable
  • Imported LED Chips, high quality, no pollution, no noise, light uniformity, light color pure profit.
  • Non-destructive installation, double-sided adhesive straps, without modification, directly affixed to!
  • The lights body two end both silicone waterproof treatment,environmental protection,low power consumption,high brightness,anti-static,anti-aging.

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