Don’t you hate it when the battery dies on your laptop, your mobile device or your other essential gadgets when you’re on the go? The ASSEM 200W Smart Car Inverter will solve the problem of how to repower devices when you’re traveling by car, truck, SUV, van or RV, so you’ll never have to make do without your important devices again.

The ASSEM 200W Smart Car Inverter is a DC12V to AC 110 to 120V adapter that works in any vehicle. Just plug the 3.7-inch long cigarette lighter plug into the DC port in your vehicle and turn on the power switch. The 36-inch cord lets you place the inverter in a convenient place, so you can connect your devices with ease.

With the ASSEM 200W Smart Car Inverter, you’ll have two universal AC outlets and four USB ports at the ready to supply power for and recharge electrical and USB devices. You can use the inverter with:
– Laptops
– Smartphones
– Tablets
– GPS devices
– Digital cameras & camcorders
– MP3 Players & iPods
– Electronic cigarettes
– E-readers
– Rechargeable flashlights
– Rechargeable wireless speakers
– Any other devices that uses AC power
– All other USB devices

Compared to other car inverters for vehicles, the ASSEM 200W Smart Car Inverter is much safer. That’s because our DC to AC car adapter offers:

– Low and high voltage protection
– Over power protection
– Short circuit protection
– Impact protection
– Overload protection
– Over current protection
– Overheating protection
– Integrated cooling fan to keep the inverter as cool as possible

Why go without your electrical and USB devices on the go? With this car inverter, you can power up and recharge no matter where life’s adventures take you! Order the ASSEM 200W Smart Car Inverter now and get the freedom to travel with all of your devices fully charged.

Product Features

  • THE POWER YOU NEED ON THE GO Plug the DC adapter into your cigarette lighter and you can run or recharge two electrical appliances that require AC power and recharge up to 4 USB devices like cell phones and tablets
  • EASY TO CONTROL & MONITOR Switch allows you to start and stop the flow of current to the inverter; LED light indicator lets you know its working
  • LESS HEAT, MORE COMFORT Unlike other inverters, our car inverter won’t make your car uncomfortably hot and is safer to operate because it has an intelligent cooling fan to dissipate heat throughout operation
  • THE SAFER CHOICE With a built-in 40-amp fuse and 8-protection function, our inverter offers protection against low voltage, high voltage, over powering, short-circuits, impact, overloading, over current, over heating
  • OH SO CONVENIENT Extra long 36-inch cable plus 3.7-inch cigarette lighter adapter makes it easy to connect the inverter no matter where the outlet is located in your vehicle

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