Brand New Diesel Fuel Heater Element (Improved Design w/Lifetime Warranty)
Fits 1994-2003 Ford & Navistar 7.3L Diesel
Mounts In Fuel Filter Bowl
Replaces Ford OEM# F81Z-9J294-AA, F5TZ-9J294-A
The Fuel Heater Element is part of the fuel system on Ford trucks and keeps the diesel fuel from gelling in the fuel filter bowl in cold temperatures. The original design which fits 1994-1997 Ford Trucks and Vans is highly failure-prone. Over time, the solder holding the element to the board breaks down and the element loses its electrical connection. Then, the part shorts out.

Product Features

  • Upgraded Design
  • Prevents Fuel Gelling Problem
  • Mounts In Fuel Filter Housing

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