Car Dashboard Multi-function Silicone anti-slip GPS Mobile Phone Mount Holder. Skid-proof and convenient to use in cars.

1.Color: Black, Pink, Medium Black

2.Style: simple, Skid-proof , durable
3.Material: Soft Silicone

Product Feature:
1. Be made from soft, washable, removable and reusable silica gel, providing a smooth and flat surface which can be adhered to the flat back surface of the supporting object.
2. The design is simple but multi-function, effective, easy to use and shock absorbent. Can be placed to cars, trucks, SUV, boats, airplanes, trains, etc.
3.The silicone rubber has a unique shock absorbing capability to withstand high jolts. Can hold cell phone, keys, sunglasses and other gadgets conveniently.
4.You can put the cell phone vertically to view the maps when you are driving. And To facilitate the navigation of your mobile phone in the car.
5. The cushion bottom surface is smooth to easy adsorption. anti-skid dots design inside produce adsorption capacity.
6.You don’t need to worry about it and your phone, keys or other slim things will be fly out when you drive quikly.

Package Details
1. Weight: 5.6 ounces
2.size:7.5 x 5.1 x 0.9 inches
3. Package Quantity: 1 piece

Product Features

  • Slip-proof dashboard silicone rubber pad:No adhesives, no suction cups & no residue magic mat. Sticks on car dashboards & mounts easily
  • Durable thick shaped edge: Holds gadgets securely. Water resistant, temperature and tear resistant. Easy to adjust or reposition without tearing or losing shape
  • Removeable, washable, reuseable, recycleable: Convenient to remove and clean. Washable & retains its reliable sticky hold onto surfaces
  • Universal fit sleek black: Minimalist design cradle and color matches most car dashboards. Non-distractive and unobstructive when driving
  • Cellphone gadgets and garage door opener holder: Keep mobile phones, radar detector, electronic gate & door keys for easy access and viewing

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