Your MAST Broken, Deteriorating, Stolen or Bent? Looking for an antenna to get rid of that obnoxiously tall un-stylish antenna your vehicle comes with? Looking for the BEST reception Short antenna on the market? Then look no further, this is the antenna solution for you!! One must note that there is a surplus of short antenna options available but none of them provide anything but frustration! Our experience with any and all short antennas are that they look cool but you lose close to all radio functionality. So this set us out on a mission, to design a short antenna that actually performs. Well, we are EXCITED to announce that we have over exceeded our goals and now offer a short antenna that will perform the same if not better than your factory antenna! This is not just a claim; we have actually tested this antenna on an array of different vehicles. All of our test vehicles scanned in more radio stations with our 6 3/4″ antenna then what it came with from the factory. Due to our confidence in this antenna we are offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, if you’re not 100% satisfied with performance return your antenna for a full refund!! Antenna ships with the highest quality Stainless Steel Threading, no corners were cut with design with this antenna.

Product Features

  • Fits: 2009-2017 Dodge Ram Truck 1500
  • 6 3/4″ SHORT Rubber Antenna
  • #1 Best Reception Short Antenna on the Market!!
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!! If you’re not 100% satisfied with performance, return your antenna for a full refund!
  • Size: Length: 6″ 3/4, Base Width: 0.5″

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