More details about installation.
(1)Question: How do I know whether it’s suitable for my car?
It’s universal, but measure the area you’re going to put it such as tailgate in first before ordering it.
And then make sure the power voltage of your car is between DC 10V-16V

(2)Question: How to install this? Do you have to screw it into the car?
Answer: No screws necessary. It has a sticky tape already in place. Just remove the paper covering and stick in place.
Then, you can refer to the picture 5 to connect the wire. Or if still something confuses you, you can search
the keyword “how to install tailgate light” on YouTube to find some videos to know how to install it .

Build: Rust-proof flexible aluminum substrate & watertight silicone
Signal Color: Running brake turn—-RED / Reverse—-White
Work Temp: -20°F to 170°F
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
LED Strip Light Length: 60 inches
LED Quantity: 256
LED Type: 2835-SMD
Applicable Voltage: DC 10V-16V

We provide 1 year warranty and lifetime support. If there are any problem, please contact us as soon as possible.
We always be here for you!

Product Features

  • ★UNPARALLELED BRIGHTNESS★ :We adopt double-row LED design, which makes the lumen output is 200% brighter than the normal single-row LED. Ambother 60″ dual-row LED tailgate light Bar can wake up everyone behind you and guarantee your rig is seen even in thickest traffic, day or night.
  • ★OFF-ROAD ADVENTURE DESIGN★:it is made of durable rust-proof flexible aluminum substrate and filled with watertight silicone,which meets the international ip67 standard.Do not need to worry about waterproof,shock-proof,dust-proof and rust-proof problems.It’s ready to take on rain, snow, or even -20°F weather. Just follow your heart and it can help you to get anywhere you want to go.
  • ★EASY TO INSTALL★: NO NEED TO DRILL !!! you can place this item on any truck with at least 60″ tailgate clearance. Once applied,the tough-as nails 50lb-rated automotive adhesive will not fall off! Then use our 4-pin tow connector for quick connection.Plug and Play !!!
  • ★5-FUNCTION★:Supports five functions: tail light, brake light, left turn signal, right turn signal and reversing light. Tail Lights– all red LED light up(low beam mode); Brake light–all red LED light up(high beam mode); Rear left turn signal — all left red LED light up; Rear right turn signal–all right red LED light up;Reverse light–all white LED light up.
  • ★WIDELY APPLICABLE★: This flexible strip is 60 inches long and is suitable for most pickups, trailers,truck, towing vehicle,cars, SUV, RV, VAN, etc.Applicable voltage:DC10V-16V!!! Universal !!!We provide 1 year warranty and lifetime support.If there are any problem,please contact us as soon as possible.We always be here for you !!!

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