For those of you who have an aFe Power Stage-2 intake system for the 2011-2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6-2.7L/3.5L (tt), aFe Power now offers an intake cover to help reduce air intake noise. This cover is constructed of vacuum formed ABS plastic material that bolts right up to the intake housing. The aFe logo is front and center letting everyone know what brand of intake you have. This cover provides a stealthy yet aggressive style without hurting the performance of the intake. Lightweight Vacuum Form Plastic Cover: Creates a stealthy under-hood look while reducing air intake noise without sacrificing power. Hassle-Free Installation: This cover bolts right up to the air intake housing for the aFe Power Stage-2 intake for a simple, hassle-free installation. Note: Note: This cover only fits with aFe’s Stage 2 Intake System (51-12182-B/P, 54-12182-B/P, 51-12192-B/P, 54-12192-B/P, 51/54-12642-B, 52-12642-H)

Product Features

  • Constructed of  vacuum formed ABS plastic material bolts right up to the intake housing
  • Helps reduce air intake noise
  • Bolts right up to the intake housing
  • Does not sacrifice power
  • Only fits with aFe’s Intake Systems (51-12182-B/P, 54-12182-B/P, 51-12192-B/P, 54-12192-B/P, 51/54-12642-B, 52-12642-H)

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