ACCEL has an all new SuperTuner. Take advantage of impressive power gains, a host user-controlled features, and an industry exclusive 2 year limited powertrain warranty! The SuperTuner delivers the most bang for your buck and you can drive knowing you have 30+ years of results, reliability, and power behind you. Whether you’re looking for some better fuel economy on your way to work, improved throttle response and shifting as you pull the trailer, or a unit that will make your driving experience extraordinary the SuperTuner will put a smile on your face.

Product Features

  • Performance Tuning Across The Entire RPM Range
  • Calibrate Speedometer Odometer And Shift Points
  • Improve Transmission Shift Points And Shift Firmness
  • Adjust Vehicle Speed Limiter And Engine Rev Limiter
  • Advance Transmission Tuning Features

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