ACCEL Remote Mount Super-Coils have optimized low-resistance, high-turns-ratio windings and an M36 high-silicone-magnetic steel E-core for higher energy and more voltage output. They generate more power at high rpm and deliver quicker starts, a smoother idle, and crisper throttle response. They’re compatible with late-model computer-controlled HEI systems and CD ignition systems. Specialized high-temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration and still increases thermal conductivity, and the brass coil-wire contact increases energy transfer and resists corrosion better than aluminum. Comes complete with new mounting hardware.

Product Features

  • Optimized low resistance and high turns ratio windings
  • M36 high silicone magnetic steel E core for higher energy and more voltage
  • More power at high rpm
  • Quicker starts, smoother idle, and crisper throttle response
  • Compatible with late model computer controlled HEI systems and CD ignitions

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